Factors Influencing Teacher Retention in A Charter School: A Qualitative Phenomenological Study

dc.contributor.authorAtas, Bekir
dc.description.abstractRetention of effective educators has become a key focus of school leaders. The problem addressed in this study is how retaining high-quality teachers is a challenge in a charter school system in Nevada. The gap in the existing literature regarding the factors influencing educators’ retention concerningthe elements of administrator support, working conditions, and professional development is addressed in this study. The purpose of this qualitative phenomenological study was to explore lived experiences and perceptions of effective veteran educators in a public charter school district and understand more in-depth ways career decisions were made to remain in the profession. The theoretical framework was based on Herzberg’s two-factor and Bandura’s self-efficacy theories to understand the various factors influencing educators’ decisions to remain at a public charter school district. Research questions were used as an initial step to understand the problem of teacher retention. The target population was approximately 300 educators in a public charter school district. Fifteen teachers made up the sample. Interviews were used as a data collection instrument to identify the shared experiences and perceptions of the respondents. The data were analyzed using inductive thematic analysis, including identifying, analyzing, and reporting themes. The research presented will advance knowledge about educator retention and help school leaders promote preventive strategies to address the problem. Effective teachers may benefit from this study to gain awareness of how other educators choose to remain in the profession. The study’s findings underline the importance of compensation, working conditions, recognition, and driving contributors to teacher retention.en_US
dc.subjectPerceptions of high-quality veteran teachersen_US
dc.subjectAdministrator Supporten_US
dc.subject.lcshQualitative research
dc.subject.lcshTeacher turnover
dc.subject.lcshWork environment
dc.subject.lcshCareer development
dc.titleFactors Influencing Teacher Retention in A Charter School: A Qualitative Phenomenological Studyen_US
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