Cultural Transformation: An Exploratory Case Study on Latinx Internet Access

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The ramifications of Latinx families being exposed to increased access to the Internet, through school district programs sending home Internet-capable devices with students, was unknown. There exists a need to conduct research in order to understand what affects forced, increased access to the Internet might be having on the home culture of Latinx families. The research fills a gap in research on how Latinx families perceive, view, and make use of technology forcibly sent into homes. Using a framework of critical race theory was appropriate for examining a racial group and a phenomenon experienced by the group. Latinx families explained the affects Internet-capable devices sent home were having on Latinx home culture. Further compared and contrasted were cultural differences experienced from previous limited access to the Internet to increased access of the Internet. Latinx families shared perceived benefits and detriments experienced with the school district initiative in sending home Internet-capable devices. The overall purpose of the exploratory case study was to understand how increased access to Internet-capable technology affected Latinx home cultural dynamics as well as lingering effects from the transition. The research subjects were 17 randomly sampled Latinx families who had students participating in the Internet-capable device take-home initiative enacted by one particular school district. Coding and member checking wereas used on the questionnaire, in-depth interviews, and a focus group in which all 17 families participated.
Critical Race Theory