A Study on Credit Recovery Programs and the Effect on Graduation Rates

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The purpose of the study was to determine the statistical relationship between high school students in western Pennsylvania who regain credits through traditional and online credit recovery programs and their respected graduation rates. The problem was there was minimal indication whether or not there is a relationship between credit recovery programs and graduation rates, or whether students recuperate their lost credits through credit recovery programs. The literature review provided examples of similar research, and gaps that have left school administrators without the ability to determine which type of program might increase graduation rates the most. An ex post facto research design was used to collect data from a sample group of six school districts located in western Pennsylvania. Archived data was collected via surveys through email. The results of the SPSS determined the difference between traditional credit recovery programs, online credit recovery programs, the respected graduation rates, and recuperated credit rate. Results showed an increase in mean scores with recuperating lost credits through the use of credit recovery programs. No significant difference was noted between the districts and their graduation rates after implementing the programs.
credit recovery, online learning, graduation rates, at-risk learning