Preparation of Faculty for School Safety Situations: A Basic Qualitative Study

dc.contributor.authorMeaker, Philip S.
dc.description.abstractSchool shootings occur far too often across the country. District and school staff implement training procedures to prevent shootings and respond effectively to dangerous events. Many studies have explored student, staff, and community perceptions of a possible active shooter situation. A gap remains in the research regarding the perceptions of the training for the staff and how effective the safety plan prepares a staff during a dangerous situation.. Based on a basic qualitative study method and a self-efficacy framework, the perceptions of 23 staff in one secondary school with a staff of 67 were explored. Participants filled out an online questionnaire with qualitative questions; a subset of 6 teachers then attended one focus-group discussion. The information was analyzed and coded for consistency to answer the research questions. Teachers expressed positive perceptions of safety following the training. The programs put in place support teacher’s self-efficacy to focus more on educating students instead of the safety concerns of the building.
dc.subject.lcshQualitative researchen_US
dc.subject.lcshSchool shootingsen_US
dc.subject.lcshSafety educationen_US
dc.titlePreparation of Faculty for School Safety Situations: A Basic Qualitative Study
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