Beginning Teacher Perceptions of District-Based Induction Coaching: A Phenomenology

dc.contributor.authorSire-Derrick, Frances
dc.description.abstractA shortage of highly qualified teachers across the nation has prompted school districts to relax certification standards to fill vacant positions. The problem is the growing number of teachers being placed in the skills needed to positively impact student achievement. Gaps in the literature show not much is known about the precise and repeatable actions of district-based induction coaches directly impacting beginning teacher practice. Vygotsky’s Social Development Theory and Hersey and Blanchard’s Situational Leadership Theory provide a framework for understanding beginning teacher knowledge and skill acquisition and coaching leadership stances. The research questions guiding the study ask: What are the lived experiences of beginning teachers who participated in district-based induction coaching; What impact, if any, do beginning teachers believe district-based induction coaches had on their instructional practice, and what are beginning teacher opinions about ways to improve district-based coaching techniques. The qualitative, phenomenological study involved twenty beginning teacher participants with under five years’ experience. Two (2) semi-structured, in-depth interviews were used as instruments to collect data. Transcripts were analyzed, categorized, and coded into themes that evolved into study findings. The results of the study reveal influential practices of district-based induction coaches. Suggestions for improving district coaching practices and overcoming challenges are discussed. Recommendations for further research are presented. Keywords: beginning teacher, district-based induction, instructional practice, coach credentialing, coaching certificationen_US
dc.subjectInduction Coachingen_US
dc.subjectNew Teachersen_US
dc.subjectInstructional Coachingen_US
dc.subject.lcshMentoring in education
dc.titleBeginning Teacher Perceptions of District-Based Induction Coaching: A Phenomenologyen_US
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