A Qualitative Intrinsic Case Study to Explore Perception of Servant Leadership Among Novice Assistant Principal

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Assistant principalship is the first step in educational leadership. Much is required of the new assistant principal, which needs to be learned with little training. There is sufficient information describing the work environment of a novice assistant principal. There is a specific gap in the research to understand the knowledge novice assistant principals have regarding servant leadership theory, skills, and resources. The qualitative intrinsic case study will explore the familiarity novice assistant principals have with servant leadership and what servant leadership traits align as best practices in the leadership role. The purpose of the qualitative intrinsic case study is to explore the familiarity of servant leadership concepts among 15 novice assistant principals in the Northern Virginia region. The research is designed with open-ended questions to be given in an interview format. The 15 novice assistant principals will be selected from four school systems and have no more than three years of administrative experience. Collection of data is from three instruments: an interview to explore familiarity with servant leadership, completing a Word document detailing job responsibility, and a webinar designed for a focus group. Data will be analyzed by a triangulated method to include preset and emergent coding systems, which lead to categorical analysis. The study will benefit novice assistant principals in seeing servant leadership as a viable resource for the work environment. Additionally, the study will enhance foundational knowledge in educational leadership and educational professional development
This qualitative study is intended to be a resource for novice assistant principals and to serve as a stepping stone for further research regarding servant leadership in an educational environment.