Qualitative Action Research: Integrating Transformational Leadership within a Traditional Chinese International Department

dc.contributor.authorAnderson, Derek
dc.description.abstractInternational schools aim to provide students with a multicultural experience, equipping students with a global-minded education to succeed in future higher educational or professional careers abroad. For students to succeed in international schools, native and international staff members should have a well-rounded knowledge of professional attributes from Eastern and Western cultures. The purpose of the qualitative study using action research was to explore teachers' knowledge, perceptions, and adaptability toward integrating elements of transformational leadership within a current paternalistic leadership style at a high school international department in Southern China. The problem was the uncertainty regarding the knowledge, application, or comfort level of Chinese staff members in implementing transformational leadership, as employees are accustomed to a hierarchical leadership approach, limiting collaborative and creative abilities. The study consisted of semi-structured interviews with eight native and eight international teachers from the international department. A data analysis spiral was used to facilitate the analysis process in locating, creating, explaining themes, developing interpretations, and creating a visual representation of the acquired data. The interview data was used to facilitate implementation involving issues and concerns using transformational leadership. The results displayed positive results with Chinese and international teachers in collaborative and communicative practices for locating organizational improvement. The study recommends ensuring Chinese leaders provide encouragement and motivation throughout transformational leadership practices to empower teachers with self-confidence and assurance of involvement within a shared decision-making environment. Keywords: transformational leadership, paternalistic leadership, international schools, China, Chinese education
dc.subject.lcshInternational schools—Chinaen_US
dc.subject.lcshTransformational leadershipen_US
dc.subject.lcshQualitative researchen_US
dc.titleQualitative Action Research: Integrating Transformational Leadership within a Traditional Chinese International Department
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